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Authorized dealer for WIX® Filters in Middle east region

Authorized dealer for WIX® Filters in Middle east region Apr 03 2018 –

Heavy Duty Filtration | Authorized dealer for WIX® Filters in Middle east region (UAE)


With a history steeped in heavy duty filtration, WIX® Filters knows that filtration has always been a critical consideration that can significantly impact the long-term profitability of an entire fleet. That fact holds even more relevance today, as fuel prices and vehicle maintenance take more and more of every fleet’s operating budget.
WIX Filters has never forgotten that its roots were founded in the heavy duty industry. That’s why WIX heavy duty filters can stand up to whatever the industry demands. Testing and benchmarking continues to prove this. WIX’s heavy duty filtration engineers have over 125 years of combined experience and dozens of U.S. patents. It’s no wonder WIX is the global leader in heavy duty filtration.
What do you get out of our 70-plus years of experience in heavy duty filtration? You get features and benefits in heavy duty air filters like silicone sealing gaskets, media that is 99.9% efficient, skip-a-pleat and hot melt media stabilization for better capacity, plus handles that make the technician’s job easier.
You also get oil filters with patented Spin Flow® technology that help them work longer and fuel filters with QuickVent® water removal capabilities.

Heavy Duty Air Filtration

Why choose WIX heavy duty air filters over competitive filters? Because WIX has done its homework when it comes to air filtration. It takes only eight ounces of dirt to destroy a heavy duty engine. The typical off-road vehicle is exposed to 1 1/ 2 to 2 1/ 2 tons of airborne dirt each year, meaning first-rate air filtration is critical to the life of the engine. That’s why WIX heavy duty air filters are designed to take that protection to new levels.

Pleating Processes: Arch-shaped pleats with skip-a-pleat or PowerTrap® embossing evenly distribute airflow over the entire surface area of the filter, while preventing pleat collapse that restricts airflow. This design feature is important because it improves filtration at high airflow rates and also improves the filter’s efficiency and dirt-holding capacity.

Pleat Stabilization Beads: WIX uses hot melt or plastisol stabilization beads at optimal spacing on large heavy duty air filters to keep the media from fluttering or pleats collapsing, which diminish the capabilities of the air filter.
Prescription Media: WIX heavy duty air filters use filter media that is 99.9% efficient and chosen specifically for each application to hold the maximum amount of dirt and provide the maximum length of service.
Application-Specific End Caps: The end caps of our heavy duty air filters are chosen for the best performance for each application they are designed to protect. WIX has a history of improving on OE designs, and one example of that is the handle that we built into many of our radial seal air filters.
We did this to make it easier for you to service the vehicle versus using the OE design with no handle. And it’s that kind of thinking we’ve put behind all our end cap elements, like ensuring exacting torque-load distribution on gasket seals, which enhances the filter ’s structural integrity.

Sealing Gaskets: WIX knows leaking gaskets allow air to bypass the filter element altogether and that different applications call for different gasket materials. In fact, we again improved upon OE gaskets by introducing the silicone gasket several years ago. This silicone gasket is impervious to environmental conditions and seals by deflection not distortion, meaning it stays sealed under all temperatures and vibrations. WIX heavy duty air filter sealing gaskets are designed specifically for the environmental condition they will be exposed to and they are permanently bonded to the end cap to prevent leaks. Whether it’s a foam, silicone or radial seal gasket, you can rest assured it will protect the engine.

Media-Protecting Metal Shell: WIX uses a .028-inch-thick shell of expanded corrosion-resistant steel to give the filter element strength and to support the media pleats, protecting them from damage.